Socioeconomic inequalities in language and motor development

Compulsory education in France now starts at 3 years instead of 6 years, the aim being to reduce social inequalities as early as possible.

However, a study of young children’s language and motor development has shown that differences linked to their parents’ socioeconomic background are already present at 2 years (i.e., before they start nursery school). INED’s researchers found that although language and physical development are closely associated in young children, socioeconomic inequalities primarily show up in language development.

Children have a more diversified vocabulary when they are looked after in a day nursery or by a childminder than when they stay at home with their parents or grandparents. 

More information

More information

Grobon S., Panico L., Solaz A., “Inégalités socioéconomiques dans le développement langagier et moteur des enfants à 2 ans”, Bulletin Epidémiologique Hebdomadaire, no. 1, 2019.  [Link]