Data requests in 2020

  • Early factors concerning pregnancy, early childhood and visual-perceptual development at age 4, Florent Caetta, Fondation A. de Rothschild, Paris

  • Factors of variation in intestinal microbiota at age 3.5 years, Marie-Aline Charles, Inserm, Paris

  • Children’s physical activity at age 3.5 years, Patricia Dargent-Molina, Inserm, Paris

  • Description and determinants of neurodevelopmental disorders and comparison with the Epipage 2 cohort of premature infants, Barbara Heude, Inserm, Paris

  • Maternal obesity and child neurodevelopment, Courtney Dow, Inserm, Paris

  • Detecting women at risk of resuming smoking after childbirth, Yhan Monney, Université de Versailles – Saint Quentin

Data requests in 2019

Microbiological environment and allergy risk: follow-up of children at 5 years, Chantal Raherison, Bordeaux University

Dental health at 2 years, Alice Germa, Paris Descartes University

The sleep of children at high or low risk for autism: associations between changing sleep patterns in the first years of life and cognitive and behavioural development, Carmen Schröder, Strasbourg University

Study of physical and psychomotor development after prenatal exposure to alcohol, Nolwenn Régnault, Santé Publique France, Saint-Maurice

Comparaison de l’état de santé et du développement des enfants Elfe et des enfants prématurés de la cohorte Epipage 2 à 5 ans et demi, Laetitia Marchand, Inserm, Paris

Stress, dépression et anxiété des parents au début de la vie et développement des enfants, Judith van der Waerden, Inserm, Paris

Prévalence et déterminants d’une vaccination incomplète dans la cohorte Elfe, Elise Launay, CHU de Nantes

Alimentation de la mère pendant la grossesse et mode d’allaitement : effets sur le développement et la santé de l’enfant jusqu’à 3 ans, Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain, Inserm / Inra, Paris

Data requests in 2018

Current state of research on sleep and its early determinants in children up to 2 years, Sabine Plancoulaine, INSERM, Villejuif

Comparison of family and health profiles of Elfe cohort children who did or did not take part in the mother and children welfare (PMI) survey conducted in thirty départements, Corinne Bois, INED UM Elfe / PMI Hauts-de-Seine

Sleep practices for infants and their determinants, Sophie de Visme, INSERM, Nantes

Data requests in 2017

Growth and link to psychomotor development - Barbara Heude, INSERM, Villejuif

Maternal thyroid disease before pregnancy: impact on course of pregnancy and foetal development - Marie-Aline Charles, INSERM, Villejuif

Analysis of the links between early dietary practices and infant growth - Sophie Nicklaus, INRA, Dijon

Milk intake during the first year of life and infant health - Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain, INSERM, Villejuif

Effect of weight variations before and during pregnancy and maternal diet during pregnancy on fœtal development and birth weight - Marie-Aline Charles, INSERM, Villejuif

Data requests in 2013-2016

Children’s birth weight in France and Great Britain - Lidia Panico, INED, Paris

Factors associated with parental depression and tobacco and alcohol consumption at birth and during the postpartum period - Maria Melchior, INSERM, Villejuif

Pre-conception and gestational weight change and foetal growth - Barbara Heude, INSERM, Villejuif

Description of foetal and early postnatal growth data, and comparison with existing norms and references - Barbara Heude, INSERM, Villejuif

Prevention of infectious disease transmission from mother to child - Jean-Paul Guthmann, Santé publique France, Saint-Maurice

Analysis of trauma between birth and 1 year - Bertrand Thélot, Santé publique France, Saint-Maurice

Analysis of TB vaccination coverage at two months - Jean-Paul Guthmann, Santé publique France, Saint-Maurice

Gestational diabetes, screening, and links with pregnancy complications for mother and child - Nolwenn Régnault, Santé publique France, Saint-Maurice

Impact of prenatal and perinatal factors on respiratory health at 2 months - Chantal Raherison, INSERM, Bordeaux

Diet in early childhood and sleep - Sabine Plancoulaine, INSERM, Villejuif

Socio-economic and psychosocial environment, family stress and child development - Michelle Kelly-Irving, INSERM, Toulouse

Impact of neonatal and infant morbidity on parents’ quality of life at 1 year - Julie Berbis, Aix-Marseille University

Physical activity during pregnancy and the course of that pregnancy - Yoann Gaboreau, Grenoble-Alpes University

Follow-up of Elfe children conceived by assisted reproduction - Elise de La Rochebrochard, INED, Paris

More information

The European regulation on data protection and privacy (GDPR) guarantees individuals a right to information about how collected data are utilized and by whom. All these research projects based on Elfe cohort data were approved by Elfe’s data access committee (CADE), made up of representatives of the project team and associated researchers. CADE’s role is to check the eligibility of the projects that are submitted, looking particularly closely at how far they match the Elfe cohort’s research goals, their feasibility, the risk of persons being identified, and the relevance of the requested data to each project’s specific objectives. Individuals who do not wish to take part in one of the research projects currently underway (i.e. approved since January1st) can exercise their right to withdraw by writing to Marie-Aline Charles, either by post (Elfe - Ined, 9 cours des Humanités, CS 50004, 93322 Aubervilliers Cedex) or by email (communaute @