European comparisons

Data requests in 2020

  • Association between in-vitro fertilization and early child growth, Marie-Aline Charles, Inserm, Paris

  • Socioeconomic inequalities in mental health trajectories, Tim Cadman, Université de Bristol, Royaume-Uni

  • Longitudinal association between sleep at age 3 and behavior and cognition from ages 4 to 6 years, Sabine Plancoulaine, Inserm, Paris

  • Association of Gestational Age on Offspring Body Size from early infancy to early adulthood: A cross-national study exploring geographic variations across Europe, North America and Australasia, Johan Lerbech Vinther, Université de Copenhague, Danemark

  • The effect of early life exposures on body mass index from early childhood to early adulthood, Tim Cadman, Université de Bristol, Royaume-Uni

  • The effect of immigrants’ educational selectivity on birth outcomes, Lidia Panico, Ined, Paris

  • Associations between childcare attendance and age of introductions on respiratory infections, allergy and asthma, Rachel Foong, Telethon Kids Institute, Australie

  • Cadmium exposure among European residents and its geographical variability, Janja Trajnik, Institut Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovénie

More information

The European regulation on data protection and privacy (GDPR) guarantees individuals a right to information about how collected data are utilized and by whom. All these research projects based on Elfe cohort data were approved by Elfe’s data access committee (CADE), made up of representatives of the project team and associated researchers. CADE’s role is to check the eligibility of the projects that are submitted, looking particularly closely at how far they match the Elfe cohort’s research goals, their feasibility, the risk of persons being identified, and the relevance of the requested data to each project’s specific objectives. Individuals who do not wish to take part in one of the research projects currently underway (i.e. approved since January1st) can exercise their right to withdraw by writing to Marie-Aline Charles, either by post (Elfe - Ined, 9 cours des Humanités, CS 50004, 93322 Aubervilliers Cedex) or by email (communaute @