Serious games questionnaires

At the end of 2017, serious games questionnaires were sent to the Elfe children to probe their tastes, moral preferences, and perceptions of their social world. Devised by sociologists associated with the project, they were developed with the help of Epiconcept and the illustrator Bernadette Pons. More than 4,500 children completed these questionnaires.

The children were asked to complete three questionnaires, one after the other. To understand the form they took and the choices the children could make, we provide nine examples with contrasting responses (modifications to initial choices shown in brackets).

Questionnaire 1: Activities

A child wearing jogging pants who does not like school (and answers all the questions first time round).

A child wearing jeans who likes doing school work (and goes back to complete a response at the end of the questionnaire).

A child wearing a skirt who likes playing (and uses the Go Back and Help buttons).

Questionnaire 2: Animals

A generous bird.

A lion who does not want to share.

An egalitarian cat.

Questionnaire 3: Jobs

Sense of social hierarchy (with choice changes during the game).

More money for toymakers.

Unconventional choices.

Games "Animals" and "Jobs" illustrations : © Bernadette Pons