Psychological distress and access to mental healthcare during pregnancy

In the Elfe study, 12.6% of mothers stated that they had experienced psychological distress during their pregnancy.

This distress was more frequent among women who had already had several pregnancies, used tobacco or alcohol, whose pregnancy was unplanned and unwanted, or who had had medical complications during pregnancy. Only 25% of the women who experienced prenatal psychological distress consulted a specialist. Younger women and women born abroad were those who sought professional help least often.

Providing care for psychological distress during pregnancy would help women to prepare for the arrival of their child and avert problems arising from any persistent distress. 

More information

More information

Bales M., Pambrun E., Melchior M., Glangeaud-Freudenthal N.-M., Charles M.-A., Verdoux H., Sutter-Dallay A.-L., “Prenatal psychological distress and access to mental health care in the ELFE cohort”, European Psychiatry, February 2015. [Link]