The microbiota of toddlers under the microscope!

Using data from the Elfe study, Gaël Toubon looks at children’s microbiota [VIDEO FR]

In this interview, "Regards sur l’enfance", Gaël Toubon, a doctoral student at Inserm, wrote his thesis on children’s intestinal microbiota as part of the Elfe study. He presents his findings and answers our questions: What is the intestinal microbiota and what is it used for? How does the microbiota evolve over the course of an individual’s life? What have you observed in the microbiota of children aged 3 and a half? Have you seen any links between children’s microbiota and their weight?


Toubon G, Butel MJ, Rozé JC, Nicolis I, Delannoy J, Zaros C, Ancel PY, Aires J, Charles MA. Early Life Factors Influencing Children Gut Microbiota at 3.5 Years from Two French Birth Cohorts. Microorganisms. 2023 May 25;11(6):1390. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms11061390. PMID: 37374892; PMCID: PMC10301311. [Link]