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What’s New? Research is making great strides!

More than 150 researchers actively involved in the Elfe study are currently working on the data we have gathered so far on the children and their families. Because they contributed to the study by designing the questionnaires, these researchers are obviously given priority. In 2015, however, Elfe entered a new phase, offering the entire scientific community access to the early data collected in maternity units and when the infants were 2 months old. Thanks to the participation of the Elfe families, initial findings have already been published in the fields of health, environmental health, and social sciences. See the first results

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How do our children grow? Until recently, no large-scale study had been conducted to answer this question in France. Now, at long last, researchers from many different backgrounds have started to follow the lives of children, from the day they were born up to their 20th birthday. They will be exploring every aspect of these children’s lives, in order to measure the impact of their family circumstances, living conditions and the environment on their physical and psychological development, health and socialization.


“Breastfeeding duration in France according to parents and birth characteristics. Results from the Elfe longitudinal french study, 2011.”, BEH n° 29, October 2015. View (french)

« What is the link between mothers’ level of education and low birthweight? », Population & Societes no. 523, June 2015.
View (english)

« Microbiological characterization of 3193 French dwellings of Elfe cohort children », The Science of the total environment, February 2015. View (english)

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