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Novel online survey of our Elfe children!

Now that they are nearing or have already reached their sixth birthday, the children are old enough to start telling us about their habits, preferences and perceptions of the world around them. To encourage them to express themselves, our researchers have devised fun computer questionnaires especially for children.
Between June and October, depending on their date of birth, all Elfe children will be given a chance to play three games in different worlds. These games will allow us to collect entirely new data about their activities and everyday lives, their perceptions of what is fair and unfair, and their visions of the world of work. The Elfe team warmly thanks all the children who have already played along!

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How do our children grow? Until recently, no large-scale study had been conducted to answer this question in France. Now, at long last, researchers from many different backgrounds have started to follow the lives of children, from the day they were born up to their 20th birthday. They will be exploring every aspect of these children’s lives, in order to measure the impact of their family circumstances, living conditions and the environment on their physical and psychological development, health and socialization.

First scientific meeting

Researchers present the results of their projects (13 March 2017, FIAP Jean Monnet, Paris).
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« Use of infant formula in the ELFE study: The association with social and health-related factors », Maternal & Child Nutrition, 2017. [Link]

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